Latest Episode

Design and User Experience with Máirín Duffy

Posted on Thursday, Sep 3, 2020
In this episode, we talk with user interaction designer, Máirín Duffy about her work, the process of designing user experiences in software, and best practices for engaging open source communities. She’s been doing this for a while and is super knowledgeable on the topic, so it’s certainly worth a listen. Read More

Community and Photography with Pat David

Posted on Thursday, Aug 20, 2020

This week we get to talk with Pat David about PIXLS.US, GIMP, and a whole host of other topics around open source software, art, photography, and communities.

Open Source Ecology with Marcin Jakubowski

Posted on Thursday, Jul 30, 2020

This week’s guest is Marcin Jakubowski from the Open Source Ecology project. They’re making some really cool things and have a plan for giving people the tools (creative and otherwise) to build their own civilization.

Making Things to Make Things

Posted on Thursday, Jul 23, 2020

Solo show this week! In response to a listener’s feedback, I talk about a ring carving mount that I designed in Blender and produced on my 3D printer.

As promised, this is the follow-up to Episode 45. We speak with Bong Wee Kwong and Miguel Pozo about BlenderNPR and get more details about the BEER renderer.

All about BlenderNPR with Lee Posey

Posted on Tuesday, Jun 30, 2020

In this episode, I interview guest Lee Posey from the BlenderNPR community to talk all about non-photorealistic rendering in Blender, the BEER renderer, and the BEER Development Campaign that they’ve started to fund its development.

It’s also is an episode of firsts. It’s the first episode with a guest and it’s the first episode recorded with video. Exciting times are afoot.

Learning How Open Source Works

Posted on Thursday, Jun 18, 2020

Let’s consider this episode a bit of a primer (I pronounce that as prime-er, is that right? Or is it primm-er?) on how the whole open source development process works. Share it with your creative friends who need a little bit of schooling on how things work.

Catching Up

Posted on Tuesday, Jun 2, 2020

And now the show is back! This is a little re-cap episode where I try to catch you up on all the interesting things that have happened since the last episode of the show. More importantly, however, I have questions for you. I’m not recording while driving anymore, so that opens us up to a world of possibilities.

The Podcast Is Coming Back!

Posted on Monday, May 18, 2020

After three long years, the Open Source Creative Podcast is returning from podfadery!

Conferences Are a Good Thing™

Posted on Wednesday, Jun 7, 2017

We’re talking this week about conferences. Events, shows, gatherings, meet-ups… whatever you call them, they’re incredibly valuable to attend, both personally and professionally (if you do it right). This show has me talking about why these events are so great, the conferences I like to attend, and a tip (two actually) on how to get the most out of them.

File Formats and Vendor Lock-in

Posted on Sunday, May 28, 2017

This talk in this show is all about file formats. Yeah, probably not the most super-exciting topic you might think to talk about, but it’s an important one. Closed file formats are how proprietary vendors lock users into only being able to use their tools. Quite frankly, I’m not sure why we put up with that crap.