#51 HDRI Haven (And Friends) With Greg Zaal

Posted on Friday, Oct 30, 2020
This week we have a great talk with Greg Zaal about his website, HDRI Haven, a place where you can freely get high-quality 360-degree HDR images under a CC-0 license. We also talk about the process of making a good HDRI as well as the “sister sites” to HDRI Haven, Texture Haven and 3D Model Haven.

Show Notes

It’s been too long since the last episode. However, we’re definitely not done. This time around, I got to talk with Greg Zaal about all things HDRI. In case you weren’t aware, an HDRI is a “high dynamic range image”. And in the context of what Greg does, we’re specifically talking about full 360° panoramic images with high dynamic range. In Greg’s words, it’s a means of “copy/pasting” the lighting from a given environment so you can use it in your 3D scenes for realistic lighting. It’s a fantasticly informative talk and his workflow for capturing and processing HDRIs is worth taking notes on.

In show-related news, commenting on the site has returned! I finally got everything up and running with Isso. I also managed to migrate all of the old Disqus comments over as well. So hooray for that!

Also, in this rather largish break between episodes, I managed to be a guest on two other podcasts that are much bigger than mine, The Survival Podcast and FLOSS Weekly. So if you’re coming here from either one of those shows, welcome! I hope you enjoy yourself here.

And now… back to the show.


Greg Zaal

Greg Zaal

I’m a long time Blender user, founder of HDRI Haven, and advocate of removing financial restrictions for 3D artists. I like to dabble in everything and figure out how stuff works, which has taken me on a nonsensical path through studio work, freelancing, education, documentation, add-on development, photography, 3d printing, publishing, and web design. My life motto feels like it should be “I have no idea what I’m doing”, but at least that keeps things interesting!


Jason van Gumster

Jason van Gumster

“I make stuff. I make stuff up. On occasion, I stuff-up what I make. I don’t do much stuff with make-up… though I’m not above trying. I work in all kinds of media: words, animation, ink, coffee, wood, video. And, of course, I’m really passionate about open source and open content, so that’s what I talk about in this show. Books I’ve written and other creative experiments I’ve made can be seen on monsterjavaguns.com.”