#47 Making Things to Make Things

Posted on Thursday, Jul 23, 2020
Solo show this week! In response to a listener’s feedback, I talk about a ring carving mount that I designed in Blender and produced on my 3D printer.

Show Notes

This week’s episode is born from some listern feedback from Romain Marteau. He suggested that I spend an episode talking about the rotating mount I designed to help me carve my bent wood rings. Because of that, this show is a bit more visual than any of the ones I’ve done in the past. I show the actual mount as well as walk through the .blend file a bit and show a bit of the print prep in Cura (the website doesn’t mention it, but it is open source, as evidenced by their GitHub page). I try my best to describe things for those of you who are audio only, but this one is really best for watching.

And, as promised at the end of the episode, I’ve published the .blend file and exported STLs for printing under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike license over on Thingiverse for you to print and modify yourself. If you do build it yourself, you will need to get a couple additional parts (affliate links):

So… what do you think about these show-and-tell shows? More importantly, what kind of projects are you doing with open source tools to help you make things? Flag me down and let me know!


Jason van Gumster

Jason van Gumster

“I make stuff. I make stuff up. On occasion, I stuff-up what I make. I don’t do much stuff with make-up… though I’m not above trying. I work in all kinds of media: words, animation, ink, coffee, wood, video. And, of course, I’m really passionate about open source and open content, so that’s what I talk about in this show. Books I’ve written and other creative experiments I’ve made can be seen on monsterjavaguns.com.”