#46 BlenderNPR Follow-Up With Bong Wee Kwong and Miguel Pozo

Posted on Wednesday, Jul 8, 2020
As promised, this is the follow-up to Episode 45. We speak with Bong Wee Kwong and Miguel Pozo about BlenderNPR and get more details about the BEER renderer.

Show Notes

In this episode we get a bit more clarity on not just the BlenderNPR community and the BEER Development Campaign, but the talk goes really in depth on the BEER renderer itself. Bong and Miguel give a lot of detail on how it works and the vision for how it’s planned to integrate with the rest of Blender. The show does get to be a bit technical in parts, but that’s OK. An artist really ought to have an understanding of how your tools work. That’s how we get under the hood and get to make really interesting and novel work.

They also give a lot of really cool examples of NPR work in various media. I wasn’t able to get them linked here in the show notes, so you’ll just have to listen to hear them.

What’s your favorite example of NPR art?

EDIT: Bong was courteous enough to compile a list of links to the various works he referenced in the show. Here we go…

3 NPR elements:


Other BlenderNPR and BEER links:


Bong Wee Kwong

Bong Wee Kwong

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Miguel Pozo

Miguel Pozo

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Jason van Gumster

Jason van Gumster

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