#Bonus 2 The Podcast Is Coming Back!

Posted on Monday, May 18, 2020
After three long years, the Open Source Creative Podcast is returning from podfadery!

Show Notes

Hey folks! This is just a quick episode to help shake the rust off this old beast of podcast and get it rolling again. Expect a new full episode to be posted soon! I’ve got all kinds of fun things to talk about with respect to open source and creativity. Stay tuned!

Side note: Something has gone sideways with my site theme so the Disqus commenting that I used to have isn’t quite working at the moment. If you want to send me a note, I’d suggest using the information on the Contact page.

See you around. This is going to be fun!


Jason van Gumster

Jason van Gumster

“I make stuff. I make stuff up. On occasion, I stuff-up what I make. I don’t do much stuff with make-up… though I’m not above trying. I work in all kinds of media: words, animation, ink, coffee, wood, video. And, of course, I’m really passionate about open source and open content, so that’s what I talk about in this show. Books I’ve written and other creative experiments I’ve made can be seen on monsterjavaguns.com.”