This podcast is something that I do for free and for fun. However, I still have to host the website and podcast episodes somewhere. It’s not overly expensive, but it does require money. I’m not overly interested in subscriptions or patronage, but I do like making things. So this page has a few things that I’ve made or designed that are available for you to purchase.

It's Vertex Not Vertice T-shirt

Let folks know that you know what you’re talking about!

3D modeling is a high precision artform. It’s only right that we use the correct words when talking about it. You know this. Now you can share that knowledge from the comfort of your very own shirt! This shirt makes a POINT… and it uses the right word when doing it!

This is a shirt that I designed for when I gave a talk at the 2019 Blender Conference. It was fun to wear it there and it’s been great to wear it afterwards. You get all kinds of knowing nods from people who totally get it. And occasionally, you’ll make a new friend with whom you can talk about 3D art.

It's Vertex Not Vertice Mug

Whether it’s with coffee or tea or just because you don’t have any other clean dishes, you can show that you know the right words for things.

Now you can share that knowledge while sipping your warm beverage of choice. It’s coffee, right? Of course it is! This 11oz mug makes a POINT… and it uses the right word when doing it!