#45 All About BlenderNPR With Lee Posey

Posted on Tuesday, Jun 30, 2020

In this episode, I interview guest Lee Posey from the BlenderNPR community to talk all about non-photorealistic rendering in Blender, the BEER renderer, and the BEER Development Campaign that they’ve started to fund its development.

It’s also is an episode of firsts. It’s the first episode with a guest and it’s the first episode recorded with video. Exciting times are afoot.

Show Notes

So we have an episode of firsts here. Not only is it the show’s first interview with a guest, but it’s also the first episode that’s been recorded with video! In this episode, I talk with Lee Posey all about the BlenderNPR community, as well as non-photorealistic rendering in general. Blender is actually quite adept at helping artists create non-photoreal artwork, but some of the tools and workflows could be better refined to support NPR artists. And this is why they’ve started development of the BEER rendering engine and have launched the BEER Development Campaign to raise money for its development. They’re actually already almost halfway there.

Other highlights of the show include:

  • We share our enjoyment of the art produced by POKEDSTUDIO.
  • I totally blanked out on the name of LuxCoreRender. Oops.
  • Lee shared Pixelorama, an open source tool for creating pixel art (and it has tools for animation, too!). From what I can tell, it’s built on top of the Godot game engine.
  • We nerded off a bit about open source business tools like OpenProject and Invoice Ninja.
  • The whole interview was recorded using Jitsi.

Of course, there were a few questions in the interview that we didn’t have the answers to. Next episode, the brains of the BlenderNPR project will fill in some of those gaps and clarify points we may have glanced over. In the meantime, you should definitely head over to the BlenderNPR website to see some excellent NPR artwork and back the BEER Development Campaign.

Also, what do you think of having videos and interviews of the show? As ever, email and social media are the best ways to get in touch with me. I’m definitely interested in hearing your opinions. So share ‘em, if you don’t mind.

Until next time!


Lee Posey


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